Innovation & Tech

Musings on innovation theory and practice, with a partcular focus on technology in the Creative Industries.

Converging 3D Worlds

The Metaverse wars are starting. Meta (aka. Facebook) have bet on the trend, to the tune of $10B and a name change. They have the social clout and the platform in Oculus, but everyone, even they themselves, recognise that just as we didn’t end up all using a single Social Media platform, the Metaverse will… Continue reading Converging 3D Worlds

A look back at 2021

With the dust truly settled on 2021, I’ve had the chance to take a breather and have a good look back at Shwsh’s journey over the last year. What could have been a first hard year in business was actually a pleasure thanks to our excellent clients and a constant flow of interesting R&D challenges.… Continue reading A look back at 2021

Reverse Innovation: a Squid Game

Most Innovation strategy research focuses on products and multinational business. It is rarely applied to the media sector, perhaps because innovation isn’t seen as separate from the day to day business of making new programmes. But are the same strategies at play here, are there any lessons we can learn from other industries? Glocalisation of… Continue reading Reverse Innovation: a Squid Game

Interactive Video Tools

When Black Mirror did their interactive episode Bandersnatch on Netflix in 2018, everyone in broadcasting suddenly got very excited about interactive video. It wasn’t really the first time though and interactive video had been doing the rounds since in FMV games in the 90’s. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside teams that have done… Continue reading Interactive Video Tools