AI for Visual Creativity

While we thought we were safe, Artificial Intelligence is starting to encroach on the creative professions. We can either fight it or learn to use it, so here is my rolling list of potentially useful AI tools and repos for image and video manipulation. I haven’t checked out all of these in detail, but hopefully a useful starting point if you are interested in still and video creation and processing. Newer links tend to be at the top of each section.

Image creation

Offline Video upscaling software

Video restoration and colourisation

Image fixing

Image colourisation

Image upscale service/software (with free plans)

Fill in missing section of images:

Animate image / turn into video:


  • NERF – using relatively small numbers of images to create 3D meshes with surface textures (like supercharged photogrammetry)
  • – turns stills into 3D models (although largely limited to furniture and similar items comprising 3D shapes) –
  • playhybrid AI – decimates complex 3D models to make then work on limited bandwidth platforms without compromising on quality –

Motion Capture

  • RADiCAL – cloud based server for capturing body movement via webcam, good foot lock and fast although no hand or finger tracking –
  • PoseAI – mocap via iOS device – can do face and fingers, foot lock not as good –