October 1994 – a song a day

Studying for a MSc in Bournemouth, I challenged myself to record a track every evening for a month. I had a guitar, 4-track, Boss Dr Rhythm DR-550, a cheap mic and bought/exchanged instruments and effects pedals in a Boscombe secondhand shop during the month. While my singing and sense of rhythm have always been questionable, in between the lines of the crude lyrics the tracks are a kind of emotional journal – which I now treasure. Here are a few:

tighten your skin
Travelling in the summer with friends, the title related to tightening the skin on a drum when it becomes loose.
float (instrumental)
Recorded almost entirely on a little sampling Casio keyboard, which I used for years and became a favourite toy for my kids
you having fun then
A passive aggressive comment by the girl who lived downstairs, never wanted to go to the pub if we asked, but was always pissed off if we were going out when she wanted a chat.