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5 forces for creativity

If you are assessing business opportunities I’m sure Porter’s model of five forces is a great starting point, but there is something about its visual structure that I’ve found really useful in pushing my and other people’s creative thinking. Mindtools have a great little write up and show its breadth, for instance, applying it to choosing… Continue reading 5 forces for creativity

magical 7

Why is seven, plus or minus two the memory span of me or you. And seven dwarfs, knock seven bells, out of seven sisters in seven wells. Why are there seven deadly sins, And seven days to do them in. OK rhyme and the rhythm aren’t great, but I liked the idea of doing a poem out of links.

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done is better than perfect

Originally published 2009 You would imagine getting something done, rather than perfect, wouldn’t be great advice. After all… ‘Nothing is more satisfying than a job well done’ and ‘if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right‘, Sometimes you just have to be pragmatic, however, as there isn’t enough time to do everything… Continue reading done is better than perfect

oxymorons & tautologies

From post originally published in 2009 From the greek for ‘sharply dull’, oxymorons are when words that contradict each other are combined together in error, to highlight a paradox or to satarise. A few of my usual mistakes: almost exactly simply impossible only choice nearly unique original copy initial conclusion Much more fun is when we say… Continue reading oxymorons & tautologies