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magical 7

Why is seven, plus or minus two the memory span of me or you. And seven dwarfs, knock seven bells, out of seven sisters in seven wells. Why are there seven deadly sins, And seven days to do them in. OK rhyme and the rhythm aren’t great, but I liked the idea of doing a poem out of links.

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just ‘because’

Originally published April 2010 My son and daughter are both still at the ‘Why?’ age. However they recently gave me a taste of my own medicine. When asked why they were pretending to be hamsters in the imaginary game they were playing the 3-year-old answered, ‘Oh, just because!” This made me wonder, am I killing their curiosity? And got me thinking about the absurd… Continue reading just ‘because’


A poem made from proverbs Age before beauty,The calm before a storm,The darkest hour,Is the last before dawn. Look before you leap,Pride before a fall,Tears before bedtime,Before after, is before. Don’t cross your bridges,Don’t count your chickens,Don’t cast pearls…don’t run. As clouds gather,Before the storm,Before after, is before. Couldn’t fit my favourite ‘before’ proverbs in: Engage brain before… Continue reading before

son to sun

A poem from popular proverbs: A son is a son till he takes a wife,a daughter is a daughter all her life. He that would the daughter win,Must with the mother first begin In the mother he can behold,How his wife will look when old, For a wife’s work is never done,While he just works… Continue reading son to sun

love is…

A poem for aitch… Love is missing,missing the kissing,hating the waiting,continually stating,with love I’m not poor,with you I can roar. Love is ideal,an ideal I can feel,feel the appeal,conceal then reveal,with love I’m found out,with you there’s no doubt. Love is needing,leading to breeding,from staring to pairing,consuming and caring,with love I am more,with you, we… Continue reading love is…

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